Sunday, December 25, 2005

New Toys

They've given me a new play toy. The fates have I mean. I almost think that I'm afraid to be alone, but I didn't ask for him. He asked for me. He started out with a girlfriend. Not that I knew of her the first night I met him. Otherwise that sceen out on the balcony never would have happened.
He broke up with her two days after meeting me because he was already addicted to me. It's a little scary. After having known me for about five days he was already saying he loved me. Also, he calls me, texts me, or has someone else text me for him every day. He whines to his friends when I'm not planning on being around. Like I said... a little scary.
I've had to tell him twice that I'm not planning on keeping him. He doesn't have a job and he's too much like my ex and my older brother. I mean REALLY like them. He's claiming the multiple personality thing, he loves to exaggerate, he loves swords/knives/weapons, video games are a staple almost. There's also a lot about him that so far isn't like David and Matt. He's willing to walk away from a game to help clean or to go out, he doesn't have to spend hours in the knife store just to drool, he fully accepts all actions done by his body, and he doesn't mind staying with me while I fall asleep. I'll tell him he doesn't have to stay and, instead of jumping up as soon as I say that and leaving, he'll stay for a while longer (usually until he thinks I'm asleep). When we go to the club together I have to push him into having fun. Tell him I don't mind him dancing while I sit and watch people. He's only barely getting used to me getting up and wandering off without telling him or someone else that I'm just wandering.
But he makes me feel good about me. I can wear a corset with only straps for sleeves and not feel totally disgusting. I do have a thing about my arms where I don't like to show them off at all. I feel that the rolls and monstrous hugeness of them should be covered so that people don't get sick from looking at them. But with him... I just don't care about everyone else.
Gave him a knife for christmas. He seemed to like it. And he did get a job. Works at KFC/TacoBell now. Only 32 hours a week, but that's something at least.


At 11:30 AM, December 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound like you are keeping a good level head about it...
And he seems nice, considerate, and to genuinely like you.

Love you m'lady Mystea


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