Monday, December 27, 2004

Blog Explosion

BE, as it will from now until eternity be known, was so good for my other site (like 350 hits within a month good) that I decided to add this site to it as well as my other. I'll add a link to my sidebar if you're not already a member... it's great to get hits... I promise.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Do you have that in my size???

Found a site today through my wanderings. Do you have that in my size??? is the tale of a 37 year-old on a quest to lose weight. From what I saw she has gone from 261 lbs in March to 213 lbs this month. Damn... that's just under 50 lbs lost! WTG Denise!

Now if only I could get motivated to do the same... I might like myself a little more and not be so insecure... maybe...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

writing a future indeed

writing a future indeed is my husbands site. You should check him out sometime. Pardon his spelling/grammar/punctuation. He doesn't care about the rules of proper English and I don't want to try and change that anymore....

Monday, December 06, 2004

I've fallen into the ranks of Money-Grubber

So I've degraded myself. Not an uncommon thing, mind you. But this is beyond anything I've done before. I sold my soul to.... Google. Yes. I sold my soul to them. So now you have to come here and look at that dreadful ad for them at the top of the page. Not that many of you even show up here. This must be a hidden blog or something. I've yet to get but one comment on this entire thing since I started it. Granted they didn't start the comment allowing until a few months ago. But still, that's a few months and only one comment. I'm a COMMENT WHORE... I need me some comments people. It's like crack cocain or something I swear. Damn, time for my fix. Talk later.