Friday, April 30, 2004

A Very Dedicated Person

So sitting here at work a few days ago I ran accross a fun account. I was supposed to call where he supposedly works to find out if he did indeed still work there. Called... they said yeah, he's part-time currently. So then I was supposed to call his house to try and talk to him. Called his house and his brother told me he'd been dead for about 6 months now. I checked for death records with a few of my other sources and they all agreed. This guy was definately dead.

Now... if he's dead... why in the hell is he still working part-time? Trying to pay off his funeral? No one explained to him he was dead? Or did he just love his job so much nothing would stop him from showing up?

Oh for Cracks sake...

Just when I don't pay attention people are linking me. Well this site anyhow. Actually you know what? I don't really give a shit. If your visiting me from one of those linkages thingys... welcome to insanity. You'll be leaving shortly with a nifty little white wrap around. If you've found me some other way... what the hell caused you to come visit this site? I don't even type here that much. I didn't tell you about the reverse liposuction comment or anything. Ya'll are the damn step-headed red-children... or maybe this site is... whatever. Enjoy your stay. Please don't feed the patients.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Shhhh the world is falling

Did you know there's nothing holding the world up? Yep nothing. So we're falling. Didn't anyone tell you that? What do you mean we're roating around the sun's gravity?! Didn't I just get done telling you there was nothing under us keeping us afloat? Well listen next time I tell you we're going to die. I'll forgive you for today though. Now go prepare for the world to crash into... umm... well space I guess...

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Again with the Changing of things...

Yes, I did change it again. I'm finished fighting with Crys now. If she's still angry I'm sorry. I'm too melancholy today to be fighting with anyone. Let alone someone in my life that means so much. In this world there are maybe 5 to 6 people I couldn't live without. She'd be among them. Just so she knows and all that Jazz.

You know that's my new favorite saying don't you? The "all that Jazz" part? Yeah. I'm using it a lot now days. Ya'll know I have a new blog in a different spot right? Oh good. Just checking. I'm not posting a link to it here though. Sorry... don't think so.

God I'm tired. But I'm restless to boot. This is crappy. I want to sleep but can't. I want to run but haven't the energy for it. I want to scream but you don't raise your voice at work. I want to cry but it's a sign of weakness I rarely indulge in. And if I do indulge... no one can be around to watch. Are you watching now? I think you are... And it's not polite.

Good-day. Have fun. And don't let those mosquitoes get you. They're hell on the itching....

Monday, April 12, 2004

My Petty Childishness

I realize, that me changing this site to look as it now does, makes me seem petty and childish. And you know what? I can be. But I can also be understanding and responsible. I can be non-judgemental. Open-minded.

But none of this changes the fact that I have a BAD TEMPER! I may not have red hair, but I do have the temper. I will pout. I will "throw a fit." I will do churlish things to get back at you. I am a vengful girl. I hesitate to say vengful woman, because... sometimes.... sometimes it's not that good. It's just the childhood vengence I seek. The ripping up of papers. The hiding of toys. The yelling. The silent-treatment. All of the things a kid does when angry.

And this time? This time I will not be forgiving without an apology. Hurtful things were tossed about. But you are the one who took it too far. I hope you have a happy birthday. I may be petty and childish, but not enough that I didn't get you something. So this April 15th... enjoy your present, and your food, and remember what you said to me.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Response from The Things You Do That I Hate

So the person that post was about decided to email me her response. Here it is. I'm a little miffed over it, but I'll let you all see it. If possible... can I get your feedback? I'm thinking maybe I'm a little more angry than I should be over this. I've put her response all in italics and in red. Red because that's what I'm currently seeing...

Get a life, you say all this about me but i don't see you hang out with anyone but jenny, and then you get pissed at her and don't talk to her till you really really need a friend. as far as bending i bend way more than you know but i'm not going to bend over backwards for you when you just don't give a damn. I will lie when i feel i need to. you'll notice i only lie to certain people, i hardly ever lie to my family, i may not tell them stuff but i don't out right lie, like you. and you are the hypocryte not me so don't even go there. I do not wish to drive you car. but if thinking this makes you feel superior go right ahead. i realize it's not a toy but its not that easily broken either. being better than someone is not up to me, it is how other people look at us and i do not nor do i want to know what other people think of me. if you hate it when we fight then stop doing it. i may do things to "cause" fights but i don't start them you take what i do the wrong way and start the fight yourself where if the situation was backwards most of the time i would have let it go. I only pressure you for info. about me and I don't recall getting upset over anything that didn't concern me in any way shape or form. as far as david gos he did treat me badly the last time we hung out and he always will thats just life we have basically ( in my mind anyway) agreed to disagree and so there is no hope of you being able to hang out with us both at the same time. I do learn from my mistakes and i can't count the number of times i've forgiven you. I have few friends cuz i chose my family over my friends and that was my choice but whats your excuse? and if its so tiring being my friend then stop. just cuz you my cousin doesn't mean we have to be buddy buddy, yes we have to be nice and talk but we don't have to be friends. did you ever stop to think that it is not all that easy being your friend. I mean if someone makes one little mistake you freak out and get pissed off you remember all the other thing they did and then you go and write some sort of message to them. then get over it. when they try to talk to you about it you won't talk and then a few weeks later you get pissed for some other little thing and then stay pissed cuz of what they did before. As far as not calling you when i'm going to be late, get over it. I'm not you daughter or you fucking wife i have no obligation to call you and tell you that. and i do judge people it is my right i will continue to do it regardless of if they know you or not.
if you wish to tear me down any more please do i enjoy sharing you opinion of me and the way you think with people. have a nice day

p.s. in my opinion this is all your psychological problems and i'm sick of them getting in the way so either get some help or leave me out of it

I divorce you i divorce you i divorce you

Monday, April 05, 2004

The things you do that I hate

This is just for the education of a person. She knows who she is and why I'm writing this.

I hate when you don't call and expect me to be psychic. I hate when you lie. I hate when you tell me you lied, and then expect me to not think anything of it. I hate when you're a hypocrite. I hate when you think I'm a hypocrite. I hate when you play with my car. It's NOT a play-toy. It's expensive. If you want to make the car payments, you can play with it. Otherwise... leave it alone until I have a chance to pay it off. No you will never be driving it at this rate.

I hate when you think you're better than I am. I hate when you think I believe I'm better than you. I hate when we fight. I hate when you cause fights. I hate your unwillingness to bend for ANYONE. I hate your superiority complex. I hate when you judge people before you get to know them. I hate when you judge my friends. I hate when you get upset over things that have no concern with you. I hate when you pressure me for information I obviously don't want to give you.

I have told people only the things you did to piss me off in a fight, but they don't hate you. If they did, you'd know. They're people you've talked to on numerous occasions. And they hear just as much good about you as bad. So just drop it. They know I'm prone to bouts of anger over small things. They've seen it before. So spouting off at the mouth about the things you do that piss me off is nothing new. Like I said. They don't JUST hear the bad. There's good when I'm not fighting with you. David is no exception either. He heard just as much good as bad. He judged you based on how you treated me when both of you were around. He was wrong for judging you based only on those few times, and I told him so. If you noticed that last time I actually hung out with him... he did NOT treat you badly.

You need to learn from your mistakes and quit making them. You need to learn to forgive. You need to learn to bend, even if it is only a fraction. If you never bend at all, you can break. This is why you have few friends. At least that's my belief. If you are like this with everyone and not just me, it's no surprise. People get tired of always bending for you with no bending from you. Ever. So do everyone a favor and LEARN. Cause I'm tired of fighting with you. If I could I wouldn't be your friend anymore either. It's too exhausting.

My Hate

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. I want my pants back.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Contemplating the worst

I want a new blog. I'm not happy here. I want to look professional. Like Zoot or Amy. Maybe I should investigate this typepad thing.... hmmmm. Or not. I think I'll just take a hiatus for a while. See you few when my brain welcomes me back into the fold.

Have Fun