Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sitting in the window I get to watch the world swirl by. Put my head between my knees. The nausea is overwhelming. Glance up to see if your world is still tilted. Quickly close your eyes and wish you hadn't done that.

Notice the bug on the floor. Focus on how many spots are there. One, two, three... damn he crawled under the door. Count the number of cigarette burns. Five, six, seven... maybe a smoke will help the nausea. Fumble in your jacket pocket to find your pack. There's only two left. But this is a good reason to smoke. Feel in all your pockets for some sort of light. Nothing. Damn. Call out to your love. Get them to bring you a match from the cupboard above the fridge. Watch entranced as they swipe the sulfer head into flames. Ponder at how it always seems easy for them to do that and it usually takes you four to six swipes to ignite the flame in a match.

Inhale the first glorious breath. Cough. Nausea abating a little. Glance up and offer your last smoke to your love. A smile, shake of the head, then they've gone back to the warmth of the house. Too warm in there for you. You need the cold. It's helping clear your head. Think. Why the nausea and dizziness. What could be the cause?

Maybe the drinking from last night. You don't remember how much you had. For that matter you can't remember how you got home. Hope you didn't puke all over yourself. Second thought: hope you didn't puke in your car. You hate the smell of puke. Take a look at what you're wearing. Pair of lounge pants. Overly large, button-up shirt. Comfy clothes. Must have been a bad night.

Put out the smoke. Realize the world's stopped spinning and it's getting a little chilly now. Wander back inside to find some saltines and some water.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Damn.... That was quick

I start up my BC . Post here that I've started it and will find yet another site like it if I don't get a comment soon. And within 5 minutes I've got my first comment from Cindy. Alright... I'm thinking I like both Cindy and BC now.... Thanks Cindy! Nice site by the way...

And as I write this post to say how joyful I am at getting my first comment I get one from Inky. Very interesting site you have over there Inky...

Blog Clicker now too...

So after viewing the ads on about a million BE member blogs (see sidebar for the link) I decided I will now try BC (most commonly known as Blog Clicker) for even more hits for this site. I'm doing this because reguardless of the fact that I comment whore over in my side bar I've yet to get a single comment since joining BE (again see sidebar for link).

If ya'll don't leave a comment soon, you'll have to see this lousy sight in yet ANOTHER blog hit-getter site. As soon as I find another. Ya'll have a month to comment. Remember "Your site sucks and has just killed about five points of my IQ" does count as a comment. I never said they had to be good... just there for crying out monkeys!

Nightmare Before Christmas Quiz on Quizilla

"You are...ZERO! You're loyal and a good friend. You'll help whenever you're asked and even though you may not always be appreciated for helping, that doesn't phase you!

Which character from The Nightmare Before Christmas are you?

Great... Now I'm a flipping DOG?!!! What next? Anyone got a leash... I think I need to go for a walk.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mistress Matisse's Journal

While wanding around on BE I stumbled across a site that then led me toMistress Matisse's Journal. If you're into kink or want to know a little bit about what it's like to be in the BDSM lifestyle group I'd suggest her site. Knowing my older brother and his wife (who are both heavy into BDSM and also being polyamorous) I completely get the site. However, to "normal" (whatever you believe that to mean) people, or just people who would never consider letting a spouse sleep with another person... you might get offended or be confused. Just a to let you know deal-eo.