Sunday, January 01, 2006

Worries and Parties

How do you tell your family something your not even sure about? I've got a secret from them and I don't want to tell them because of how they might react. Besides I'm not even sure about it yet. They're already mad at me for my choice of boyfriends. They think it's just a rebound thing. Which it may be... but I'm not feeling like it is anymore. I think it started out as a rebound thing then turned into something else. I don't know. It'd be nice if he wasn't so much like Ex, Cousin, and OB(older brother). He's got a lot of their traits.

Enough whining though. Talk about fetish night! New Years Eve bash. Damn! I've never danced more in my life. Wanted to stay longer but one of the people with us sort of started whining about a headache. That and I got massively hungry. Like ready to chew thru a random person hungry. So we left a little before one. Still didn't crawl into sleep until around three and was up this morning about sevenish for work. Where I've been bored out of my skull! Damn people with hangovers not calling in for assistance with the phones they broke in their drunken states last night!

Ah... back to the grind