Monday, April 25, 2005

Wandering through the Abyss

Things haven't been too wonderful. Mr Q's mom was in a car accident two weeks ago. She had a concussion. That was the day she was coming to stay with us for two weeks. Thank the gods she's gone now. She's been the reason I've been so up-tight and angry all the time. I've been stressed out about another fight with Mr Q over his mom or hell, even a fight with his mom. Being stressed out made me angry. Being angry made me frustrated. So lots of emotions. Lots of drama.

Then two days ago my little brother was in a car accident. His girlfriend ripped the mucsels in her shoulder completely and he got a concussion. The van they were ridding in skidded (sideways) into a stopped semi. There were seven people in the van all together. From what I last heard Girly had the worst injuries. Little Bro refused to get out of the car until they got Girly free. Which means they had to work around him. Smart D... real smart. Then again... I'd want Mr Q with me if I was in a lot of pain and scared. He says he'd abandon me in the crashed vehicle though. Says it's cause he's got claustraphobia. Jerk...

My knees and shoulder are having sympathy pains with anyone out there with a shattered knee and with Girly.

And allergies? They suck.